Academic and Non-academic Competitions / Activities

School Level: 

TQA makes sure that the nature and quality of competitions in school are at par with national and international competitions so all students will have an opportunity to experience them and learn hands-on even if competitions are held only in school. All students are expected to join at least three activities held in school.  

School-endorsed competitions outside TQA: 

TQA joins competitions whose transportation and accommodation expenses are shouldered by a sponsor or an organizer. Participation in competitions outside TQA is not required because the school’s priority is daily learning inside campus. Students should also be ready to shoulder additional expenses if the budget given or the accommodation provided by the organizer is not enough.    

Teachers are assigned to train or review a qualified student for a school recommended competition. Selection of participants is based on audition, qualifying test, assessment, CEM test result, experience, or record of accomplishment. A student may join multiple competitions if he can manage his time (schoolwork, academic requirements, assignments, and practice or review schedule).   

Students and parents should consider the amount of training, time, effort, and finances that will be needed in preparation for and during the competition.