Attendance / Absence / Tardy (Student)

For any absence, the parent or guardian is required to call (083) 554-5829 or 0998-961-8539 to inform the school or to send a note to the class adviser via Outlook, MS Teams, or Notebook No. 1/Assignment Notebook.    

Three unexcused tardies are equivalent to one unexcused absence. 

For excused absence, the teacher decides whether a student will be given makeup lesson/work or not, based on the child’s standing in class. Whether makeup is given or not, the student will be allowed to do the missed work if he or his parents request it. However, the student gets zero in class participation during unexcused absence.    

A student with more than 20% absence in the entire school year/semester must get at least a TQA Grade of 80% in his missed quarterly exams and must accomplish special assignments and requirements to pass or avoid retention. A student who fails in three (3) subjects at the end of the school year is retained in the same grade level. See DepEd Order No. 88 s. 2018 for more.  

Below are valid reasons for excused absence/tardy: 

  1. Illness for 2 days or more (medical/hospitalization documents needed) 
  2. Illness for 1 day (excuse letter from the parent or legal guardian is required) 
  3. Appointment with a doctor; half-day only (diagnosis/prescription is required) 
  4. Quarantine under the direction of a health officer (official letter needed) 
  5. Personal court or jury appearance (official letter needed) 
  6. Religious holiday or ceremony certified by a priest, minister, or official announcement.  
  7. Visa application/passport renewal appointment/interview (copy of appointment needed; max 3 days if out of town; half-day if in GSC only) 
  8. Participation in local, national, and international student activities (official TQA activities only) 
  9. College admission test, interview, reservation, enrollment (max. 3 days) 
  10. Funeral services/wake for immediate family (first-degree grandparents, parents, or siblings maximum of 5 days) 
  11. Wedding of an immediate family (parents, siblings, or first-degree aunt/uncle) local 1 day, out of town maximum of 3 days 
  12. Absence or tardy due to force majeure 

Below are reasons for unexcused absence/tardy: 

  1. Family vacation/trip 
  2. Attending parties (birthday, reunion, anniversary, etc.) 
  3. Dropping-off someone at the airport 
  4. Babysitting at home 
  5. Doing household chores 
  6. Doing errands for parents 
  7. Cutting class 
  8. Laziness to come to school/waking up late. 
  9. Absence due to lack of preparation for a test/quiz 
  10. Absence due to lack of school materials/assignments 
  11. Suspension due to breach of the student honor code 
  12. One-campus suspension due to bullying 
  13. Off-campus suspension