Birthday Party / “Blowouts”

Birthday and “bienvenida” or “despedida” parties in the form of packed, catered or delivered meals are not allowed in the student lobby/waiting area or anywhere inside the school main buildings. 

If any, “on-the-go or packed” birthday snacks or loot bags for classmates may be allowed for distribution at class dismissal time. However, the school suggests that birthday parties be held on a non-school day outside TQA.  

Victory Party: 

As a reward for the achievement in major school competition or programs that require intensive training and preparation or getting an excellent result/rating in national examinations, a victory party is allowed in the school after class dismissal or on non-class day for a maximum of three (3) hours if the school guards and janitors are on duty. The teacher in-charge should be present until all students leave the party. 

Christmas Party: 

A Christmas party is held in school on the last class day of December.