Penalties / Disciplinary Actions

These are imposed to teach the students the meaning and ideals of justice, good morals, right conduct, good manners, and proper etiquette. AFTER DUE PROCESS, THE PENALTIES IMPOSED SHALL BE COMMENSURATE WITH THE EXTENT OR GRAVITY OF THE OFFENSES/VIOLATIONS and will affect the character grade, enrollment status and honorable dismissal or transfer of the students. For more serious offenses, a PTC is required. 

FOR THE VIOLATIONS BELOW, the penalty shall be commensurate to the offense committed and the nature of the damage or harm done to schoolmate, teacher, personnel, school name, school property, and operation.

  1. Copying, distributing, extracting, or accessing personal/private files or conversations, whether digital or non-digital, without permission of the owner.
  2. Disrespect to the school as an educational institution, the school authorities, teachers, and staff in words and actions, by gossiping, and by any form of response via internet or social media that can damage their reputation, using their names without permission or authorization, insubordination or instigating others to insubordination, provoking incidents harmful to the good name of the school or the employee.
  3. Dress code violation.  
  4. Deliberate or recurring use of foul, malicious, lascivious, lewd, humiliating words, and lies in school, toward schoolmate/s, or on the internet that may harm a person or the school.  
  5. Involvement in obscene digital or non-digital photos, public or private chats/screenshots, reading materials, videos, or displays whether leaked publicly or privately, dummy, or legitimate account, fiction, or nonfiction representation, animated or live-action film, and the like.  
  6. Mark of lewdness, act of lasciviousness, use of obscene words and writing, graphics, display, bringing or distribution of pornographic, indecent material within school premises, official online platforms, or to fellow Quantum students.  
  7. Violation of data and personal privacy, unauthorized voice, or video recording, taking picture, sharing, or posting on the web, spreading private or confidential matter inside and outside the school without permission of the owner or the person/s involved.

Specific infractions: 

  1. Cutting classes 
  2. Vandalism 
  3. Disrespect to school authorities, teachers, and staff  
  4. Breaking-in, stealing, coming to school intoxicated with alcoholic liquors/narcotics 
  5. Smoking/vaping (electronic or not), gambling or drinking beverages with more than 6% alcohol content in school premises or during school activities  
  6. Tampering, damaging, or stealing CCTV camera, PABX telephone, tv, cables, amplifiers, speakers, projector screen, fire alarm, air purifier, etc.  
  7. Foul/malicious words or deliberate/recurring utterance of obscene or foul words  
  8. Mark of lewdness, act of lasciviousness, obscene words and writing, display, or distribution of pornographic material within the school premises or to fellow quantum students  
  9. Involvement in obscene digital or non-digital photos, videos or displays whether public or private  
  10. Copying, distributing, extracting, or accessing personal/private files, whether digital or non-digital, without permission of the owner 
  11. Unauthorized use of the school’s name or logo or its representation in illegitimate or personal social media sites/accounts to mislead readers/subscribers/clienteles or to destroy its reputation  
  12. Dress code violation 
  13. Forging/tampering school/official documents  
  14. Bringing gadgets and devices without the principal’s approval 
  15. Using/bringing out mobile phones/gadgets during class without the teacher’s permission or bringing laptop without official permit (for Grades 11 to 12)  
  16. Fines for books, audio-visual/laboratory/computer materials and school property will depend on the current cost or damage.
  17. Cheating during tests, quizzes, and other assessments; copying homework answers, plagiarism 
  18. Bullying 

Penalties or disciplinary sanctions for bullying will depend on the severity or type of bullying.  

  1.  Reprimand or warning by the teacher concerned or the school principal 
  2. Character grade of NI or P in the report card 
  3. Character rehabilitation with the guidance mentor
  4. Guided suspension or on-campus suspension  
  5. Off-campus suspension 
  6. Legal endorsement (for serious physical bullying)  
  7. Dismissal  

Other grievous offenses (Sanction will depend on the severity of the offense.)  

  1. Defiant and violent behavior toward school authorities/teachers 
  2. Consistent or intentional breaking of school rules and regulations despite warnings and sanctions  
  3. Carrying of deadly weapons 
  4. Drug taking or drug pushing 
  5. Immoral conduct 
  6. Sexual harassment 
  7. Joining fraternities or sororities 
  8. Assaulting a schoolmate, teacher, non-teaching staff, or any person in authority 
  9. Uploading or posting indecent or immoral files on the web and/or display 
  10. Forging or tampering school records/documents