Security and Safety Measures

  1. Only vehicles with Quantum gate pass stickers may park inside the school.  
  1. Firearms and other weapons are not allowed in school and inside the parking area. 
  1. The school allows “pedicabs” or “traysikad” from Brgy. San Isidro with Quantum gate pass sticker to park and wait outside the school gate/fence if they will not block Quantum vehicles passing to and from the school or cause traffic.  
  1. Gates inside the school are closed during class hours. Only those with administration appointments can meet the teachers and staff.  
  1. School guards are not allowed to leave their posts or do errands for students/parents. They are not allowed to give any information about the employees and students.  
  1. Only visitors and sales agents by appointment with the administration can enter the school. They are requested to surrender their company ID to the school guard and register in the logbook.  
  1. School guards inspect bags anytime and some individuals may be denied entry to the school.  
  1. Fire/emergency drills are held sometimes during school days.  
  1. Survey/research conducted by private firms and individuals or by college or graduate students are not allowed unless approved by the school director.  
  1. Sales and publishing agents without previous appointment may leave their call cards, contact numbers, flyer, brochure, or product information with the school guard on duty.