Student Honor Code (Statement)

The signed Student Honor Code is a requirement for final enrollment.

In accordance with the vision, mission, philosophy, educational objectives, and behavior expectation of The Quantum Academy, I pledge to uphold the Student Honor Code and the Agreement with The Quantum Academy while I am a student at this school.

I am aware that once enrolled in The Quantum Academy, I shall be a true student in and out of the school, knowing that my behavior, whether bad or good, will reflect upon the school.

I hereby accept the rules and regulations of the school with full realization of the responsibilities inherent in being a student at this school, do agree to adhere to honesty and integrity in my education and as a student, to be considerate of the rights of others, and to abide by the policies, guidelines, rules, and regulations of the school.

I acknowledge that I will not be granted Honorable Dismissal after due investigation of serious offenses which will disqualify me from the Honors List or from continuing to be a student at this school.

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