Academic Acceleration Program (Grades 1-10)

As a college preparatory school, The Quantum Academy strives hard to prepare every student for tertiary education. This is the reason for the development of the school’s Academic Acceleration Program or AAP. This is TQA’s academic enhancement initiative that aims for all students to reach their potentials and achieve the school year’s goals and standards.

This program is given only to the students recommended for reinforced academic development and broader curriculum experience. For the lower school, this program makes sure that all opportunities to learn and to master age-appropriate knowledge and competencies are given to the students.  For the upper school, this program is an effective way to make sure that the competencies required for college admission are developed.

Regularly attending this program is an assurance that the students are given every opportunity to master the required skills and competencies for their grade levels. The AAP is based on the previous year’s academic performance and standardized test (CEM) results. The AAP is free of charge, and it does not disqualify a student from academic honors.