The Quantum Academy, Inc. seeks to be an exemplary school recognized and acknowledged by the country for developing students who excel in academics, possess high ethical work standards, and advocate values that will develop them as responsible leaders of the society.


The Quantum Academy, Inc. is bound by its commitment to provide a distinctly specialized and adaptable basic education to develop learners into persons who have well-rounded personality, high self-esteem with firm ethical conviction, are equipped with 21st century skills, are articulate in English, and able to lead and interact within the global community with confidence.


The Quantum Academy, Inc. recognizes the students as the focus of the educational process. They are guided to reach their optimum potential intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Students are challenged to think critically and creatively, to be independent and resilient, to lead in a structured environment, to excel in every aspect of academic and non-academic ability where individual effort is encouraged and recognized. The school strives to develop responsible citizens of the country and of the world by reinforcing respect for self and for others.



The institutional values unite the school populace and its stakeholders through the thrusts that lead the community towards the achievement of its vision and mission. The school’s core values are:

  • Loyalty and Integrity
  • Spirituality and Respect
  • Leadership and Responsibility
  • Excellence and Innovation
  • Service and Camaraderie


The Quantum Academy, Inc. is a private college preparatory school whose primary aim is to meet the educational needs of its students from pre-school to senior high school that will prepare them for admission in leading colleges and universities, responsible leadership, integration into modern society, and successful careers across regions in the Philippines and in other parts of the world.


The teacher-founders based the school’s name on the context of the phrase “quantum leap” which means significant and often sudden development or improvement in something. Just like this concept, the teacher-founders attempted to transform pedagogical views and change paradigms in academic system not only in the standard curriculum and strategies, but also in instructional aspect, scholastic standards, technological integration, accelerated learning innovation, and enrichment programs.


The Latin saying inscribed in the Quantum Shield “per ardua ad alta” means greater heights are achieved through arduous work. This motto aims to instill among students the importance of grit, perseverance, and resilience to succeed. This also reminds the school community that whatever the school and the students have achieved in the past and shall accomplish in the future is a product of arduous work, determination, and visionary ambition.


The school originally had four teams since 1998 namely: Blue Team, Green Team, Red Team and Yellow Team. In 2002, the teams were renamed Azure House, Crimson House, Emerald House and Gold House.

The four houses were given their “identity” in 2005 when the school began to use its new logo. Each quadrant was assigned to a Quantum house as its official insignia while the design for the White House (neutral house) was a combination of all symbols of the four houses.

Quantum Shield