Basic Requirements for Admission / Enrollment

Old and new students

  1. Accomplished enrollment form 
  1. Original PSA birth certificate  
  1. Signed Student Honor Code 2023-2024  
  1. Signed Student Agreement with TQA 2023-2024 
  1. Signed Parent Agreement with TQA 2023-2024 

Old students:  

  1. No account balance with the school
  2. No failing grade & no character grade of ‘P’

New students

  1. Certificate of good moral character
  2. Copy of current report card

Incoming Grade 11 students:

  • A letter of application for senior high school addressed to the school director and signed by the student applicant and his/her parent or legal guardian is required. 

Note: Enrollment/admission of new students is on a first come, first served basis.