Birthday Party / ‘Blowouts’

Birthday and “bienvenida” or “despedida” parties in the form of packed, catered or delivered meals are not allowed in the parking area or anywhere inside the school. The school suggests having it on a non-school day outside TQA to avoid class delays or disruption.  

Loot bags for classmates may only be allowed if parents turn over the bags to the class adviser who will distribute them to the children at dismissal time. 

Victory Party:  
As a reward for an achievement in major school competitions that require intensive training and preparation or getting an excellent result/rating in national examinations, a victory party is allowed in school after class dismissal or on a non-class day for a maximum of three (3) hours if the school guards and janitors are on duty.   

Christmas Party:  
A Christmas party is held in school on the last class day of December.