Brief History

In 1998, three academicians, Rosa Ling, Lynette Demegillo and Angela Licas, envisioned an innovative, creative, and high-standard school in General Santos City, Philippines. This vision was marked by their great desire to provide quality education not only for the youth of this city but also for the children from other cities or countries who came to General Santos City because of their parents’ business or work assignment. 

While the school was still in the stage of planning, teaching opportunities abroad came. Demegillo opted to leave for a teaching career in New Zealand with her family while Ling and Licas stayed to continue what had been started. The two academicians took charge of the procedures and requirements needed for the school’s application and operation. Ling oversaw the business organization and operation while Licas developed the policies, curriculum, instruction, academic and nonacademic programs, and institutional procedures to be implemented by the school. 

As the Department of Education required an incorporation to establish a private school, it was through Ma. Rosario Lo, Daniel Baula, and Antonio Veneracion that stockholders were tapped to establish The Quantum Academy, Inc. (formerly Quantum Learning Center, Inc.) in 1998. At present, TQA has 12 incorporators composed of private individuals who are committed to providing quality basic education in General Santos City, Philippines.