There is a distinction between bullying and occasional teasing among peers. Bullying is unwanted, repeated humiliation acts, and harmful behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. Bullying can be verbal, social, or physical, and people who bully typically use physical strength, access to embarrassing personal information, or influence over relational and social standing to control or harm others. 

Bullying, intimidation, harassment, and cruelty in school are never tolerated and must be reported to the subject teacher/class adviser or school principal. The school gives a first warning to the bully and/or involved student/s. After an investigation, a first warning is given with or without a character grade of NI depending on the severity of the offense and the harm done to the victim. The NI grade affects only the applicable character criteria and does not disqualify a student from honors. The parents receive a letter of first warning to inform them of their child’s involvement in bullying. 

However, repeating an infraction results in a 2nd warning which requires a serious disciplinary sanction such as a character grade of P or any suspension. This highly requires a PTC to discuss more serious sanction/s based on the gravity of the offense. The 2nd warning with a character grade of P disqualifies a student from honors. 

A student may report any type of bullying via this email: quantumgrievancedirect@yahoo.com.  

See DepEd Order No. 88 s. 2018 for more