Cafeteria Rules

The cafeteria is not managed by the school, but it must follow the school’s policies and guidelines. It is prohibited from selling, serving, or accommodating non-Quantum clients who have no valid reason or business transaction with the school. 

Everyone is to abide by the following rules relating to the school cafeteria: 

  1. Parents, guardians, yayas, family drivers, companions, and visitors are not allowed to be in the al fresco lane during school recess and lunch break. 
  2. Students are not allowed to buy during class hours unless the admin/nurse permits them. 
  3. Non-regular diners who wish to get their lunch at the canteen must make a reservation at least one day so they can be included in the next day’s meal preparation.  
  4. Students should queue up in an orderly manner when buying food in the canteen. 
  5. Students should wash their hands before and after eating. 
  6. Plates and other utensils are reserved only for those who buy their food at the canteen. 
  7. All food served in canteen plates/dishes and drinks in plastic or glass bottles must be consumed within the canteen dining area. 
  8. Students must finish their food/drinks before the break ends. 
  9. Students are to return all used plates and utensils to the pails provided at the canteen after eating. 
  10. Students should help to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the school canteen area. 
  11. Students should not run and play in the school canteen area.