CCTV Cameras / PABX

CCTV cameras are in various parts of the school to improve its safety and security measures. They may also be used by the administration to investigate breach of the honor code such as bullying, cheating, stealing, and other forms of infraction. However, there are times when no footage can be viewed due to technical glitches, brownouts, overwrite, malfunction, blind spot, automatic rebooting, tampered lens, or angle, etc. 

Blocking, destroying, or tampering with any of these devices is considered a major offense and will be dealt with by the administration accordingly.    

All employees should make sure that no camera is blocked or obstructed by anything (decoration, plant, announcement, etc.) and that it is in correct angle or position to capture what is happening in school or in the classrooms. 

CCTV cameras are for student safety and teacher safety. They provide the evidence to support or dismiss accusations and would be a protection for teachers and students alike. CCTV cameras are most needed as a protection to challenge false allegations against teachers, or anyone accused in school. 

When deemed necessary, CCTV cameras could be used to evaluate, support, and improve the teaching and learning standards and procedures in the classrooms.

Each classroom has an in-house phone.