Cellphones / Gadgets / Laptops

Students traveling/commuting alone to and from TQA can bring cellphones to school for safety reasons. The parents or guardians shall certify through an official letter to the school director that their child is traveling/ commuting alone to and from TQA. These students must surrender their phones to the principal’s office and retrieve them only upon leaving campus. 

Senior High School (SHS) Gadgets: 

Senior high school students can bring phones and tablets with internet connection for class learning and instructional purposes only. SHS students are not allowed to use them or take them out of the bag during class time/period of not asked by the teacher. The school reserves the right to confiscate cellphones from students who do not follow the school’s policy guidelines. 

For SHS, mobile phones and gadgets are allowed only in areas where SHS students have classes. They should not display their gadgets in areas where they do not regularly stay e.g., lower school and junior high school classrooms and corridors, common hallways, waiting areas, school canteen, etc.  

There should be no inappropriate content in any personal gadgets or devices. 


No SHS students can bring laptop/PC without the director’s official permit. Only the subject teacher requiring the student to bring laptop in school request for this permit. 

Online Assignments: 

SHS students taking ICT subjects and online research may use the available computer units in the robotics lab during schooldays if the computer teacher is present to supervise them.  

Voice or Video Recording and Taking Picture during Lectures: 

Voice or video recording of class lectures and conversations with teachers is prohibited without the concerned teacher’s permission. Taking pictures of lectures or notes on the board is also not allowed without the teacher’s consent. 

Visitors/Parents with Gadgets and Devices: 

Taking pictures and video recording anywhere on the campus without the school administration’s permission is not allowed.