Children’s Personal and Online Privacy and Protection

The school DOES NOT ALLOW major semestral requirements that require students to do the following:  

  1. Leave the house without adult supervision.  
  2. Invite other people to their house.  
  3. Perform tasks or classwork that may be dangerous or harmful to the students.  
  4. Share, post, or publish themselves or schoolmates on the web/internet other than the class’s Microsoft Teams and the Genyo e-Learning and the apps embedded or originally attached to these two official learning platforms.  
  5. Share, post, or publish any of their personal or family data and information on the public web or internet other than the class’s MS teams and the Genyo e-Learning, ClassVR, Merge EDU and the apps embedded or originally attached to these official learning platforms.  
  6. Share, post, or publish videos/photos about or involving themselves or any schoolmates on the public web/internet without the official consent forms of their own parents and the parents of the students involved in the video or presentation.  
  7. Share, post, or publish any written works or lesson outputs (literary works, art works, compositions, inventions, research works, projects, etc.) to the public without the official consent form signed by the parents.  
  8. Share, post, or publish any schoolwork that does not conform with the school’s Student Honor Code and ethical standards. 
  9. Major requirements or projects that need to be published/shared for public viewing or on the open web/internet should be approved by the school principal before assigning them to the students.