Dress Code

Students should wear the proper school uniform.  

  1. Complete Gala uniform- Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 
  2. P.E. uniform- During P.E. class day and Silver Ed. day 
  3. House shirt- During house activity day  
  4. Club shirt- During house activity day, shirt must have the official school logo 
  5. P.E. shirt- Extra T-shirt during regular schooldays. 

See DepEd Order No. 88 s. 2018 for more.  

On occasions when students are allowed to wear civilian attire, they should demonstrate respect for themselves and for the school through their manner of dressing and appearance. Failure to comply with the dress code is considered a direct violation of the Student Honor Code and will be dealt with accordingly by the school.    

Attire such as short shorts, cropped tops, tank tops, bare midriffs, plunging neckline, tube tops, see-through clothes, leotards/bodies, tights, tight “jegging,” spaghetti straps and backless, and outfits with obscene/suggestive words or pictures printed on them and any tattered outfit are unacceptable. Punk, beggars, or hardcore rock star looks are also prohibited. Girls are not allowed to wear sexy or provocative attire. Students are not allowed to use heavy or distracting accessories as part of their attire.     

School Uniform (Kindergarten to Grade 12):   
Kindergarten to Grade 12 students must wear the prescribed gala or P.E. uniform.  

Girls can wear long pants if they have the same cloth as the gala skirt. All school uniforms must be properly worn and kept clean. Only plain white t-shirts are allowed for undershirts.    

Jacket/Sweater/Hoodie/ (Kindergarten to Grade 12):   
For Kindergarten to Grade 10, only the TQA official sweater or hoodie is allowed on school uniform days.   

Extra T-shirt (Kindergarten to Grade 12):   
The only extra T-shirt allowed in school is the P.E. T-shirt or official club T-shirt.  This may be worn after lunch break, after P.E., or physical activities. Club or class T-shirts without the official TQA logo cannot be worn in school during school or activity days. Plain white T-shirt is the only undershirt allowed for male students.

Official T-shirt (Kindergarten to Grade 12):   
A class or club t-shirt becomes official if any of the two TQA official logos are visible on the t-shirt.    

Footwear (Kindergarten to Grade 10):   
Chocolate brown shoes and socks are used when wearing gala uniform. Rubber shoes and white socks are used with P.E. uniform. Parents must consider safety and comfort when buying shoes for their children. Shoes with wheels and thick soles are not safe for students, thus prohibited in school. Wheeled, platform or elevated shoes, “bakya,” step-ins, and slippers-like footwear are not allowed. Nursery to Grade 10 students should use flat shoes.    

Footwear (Grades 11 and 12):    

SHS Boys:   
Polished (shiny), black formal leather shoes are required. Senior high school boys must wear plain black formal socks.  

SHS Girls:   
Black flat shoes are recommended for girls, but they may be allowed to wear low mid heels (traditional Oxford or closed formal academy shoes). Heels must only be up to 1 inch. They are NOT allowed to wear stilettos, pumps, ankle strap heels, wedge heels, wedge sandals, sling back heels, platform heels, high heel sandals, peep toe heels, cork high heels, boots, mules, ballroom dance shoes, cut out heels, corset heels, chunky, espadrille, and fantasy heels.    

SHS girls do not wear socks, but they may wear black footsies or black slip-on half socks.