Examination / Test / Quiz Policy

  1. Absolute honesty and strict discipline are to be observed during examinations. 
  2. There should be nothing in the cubbyholes, shelves and under the desk and chair. 
  3. There should be nothing on the desk except the test papers, eraser and pencil/ballpen or the items assigned by the teacher. 
  4. Talking and looking around are not allowed during exams. 
  5. Comparing or giving answers to the neighbors is prohibited.  
  6. Students must call the proctor’s attention, not the seatmate’s to clarify items that are not understood.  
  7. Examination papers should be submitted to the proctor before leaving the classroom.  
  8. All students should be in the room at least ten (10) minutes before the time.  
  9. SILENCE is the important rule during examinations.  
  10. Students who will be caught cheating in a test will automatically be given a zero grade for that test. Parents will be informed of their child’s cheating and zero grade.  
  11. Cheating is a breach of the Honor Code.