The school gives scholastic and class exemptions (e.g., chapter test, quiz, etc.) to deserving students. Only the school director can give exemptions from major academic work. 

Exemptions from Chapter Tests/Quizzes/Graded Recitation or Performance Due to Official Co-curricular Activities:

Academic and non-academic exemptions may be given due to school activities and as an incentive for major achievement. Exemptions may also be given to SC (Student Council) or Quantum Leap staff in case they miss any class work while performing official duties.  

Exemptions from 4th Quarterly Examination Due to CEM Percentile Rank of at least 96%:  

Students who get a CEM percentile rank of at least 96% are automatically exempted from the fourth quarterly examinations in English/Reading, Mathematics, or Science. Exemptions in Filipino or Araling Panlipunan may be given if CEM tests are administered in these subjects.  

Exemptions from 4th Quarterly Examination Due to Passing the “Big 4” College Admission Test Results:  

  1. SHS final examination exemptions in all subjects are given to the recipients of the Academica Industria et Perseverantia Prize. 
  2. Ateneo De Manila University  
  3. De La Salle University  
  4. University of the Philippines  
  5. University of Sto. Tomas  
  6. Passing only three admission tests of the above universities still qualifies a student for this type of exemption.
  7. Successful college admission at any QS Top 100 World Universities or at Philippine Military Academy also qualifies for this type of exemption.