Field / Out-of-town Trips

Field trips should be tied directly to classroom instruction or co-curricular activities. The school does not view field trips as class “outings” or reward system. Field trips are a valuable component of the school programs, but participation in them is a privilege. Since make-up lessons are not required, students are responsible for ensuring they have completed assignments and are prepared for quizzes or examinations on their return from official trips. The school may not allow students to join trips due to behavioral, moral, or academic reasons. Participants are expected to show the same responsible behavior on trips as required in school. The Honor Code covers field/out-of-town trips. After the trip, the teachers need to remain with the students until they are sure everyone has a way home. No students will be allowed to join without the signed parent-permit. 

Class outings/trips not approved by the school director is the personal accountability and responsibility of parents and the teacher initiating them. 

Students must be reminded that even if they are outside the school, they must conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the school’s name and honor. They should not utter offensive language or display inappropriate behavior. They should take utmost care that any mischief, misbehavior, and poor conduct committed during these out-of-school group assignments does not embarrass the school. The Student Honor Code, the school’s policy on anti-bullying and child protection, still applies.