Graduation Awards for Grade 6

Aside from TQA’s traditional honors, the following are recognized during graduation: 

Good Conduct Medal: 

This is given to a student who has demonstrated exemplary conduct and behavior during the school year without any disciplinary infraction or breach of the Student Honor Code. 

Sports Achievement Award (National and International Events Only):  

Any student who won national and international sports competitions during the intermediate years (Grades 4-6) receives this award.   

CEM 99 and 99+: 

This is given to any student who gets 99 or 99+ in CEM yearend test. 

Campus Journalism Cord:  

This award is given to a Quantum Leap member who has made significant contributions to TQA’s scholastic and traditional-legacy journalism.  

In evaluating a candidate for this award, the school admin and moderators consider the length of years of active and committed service to The Quantum Academy’s campus journalism.  The recipient must have at least two years of active involvement and an irreplaceable role in the school’s journalism. 

Scroll Award for Literary Integration in Communication Arts:   

This award is given to a student who has outstanding skills in both English and Filipino fiction and non-fiction writing based on his/her literary portfolios during the school year. 

Azure/Crimson/Emerald/Gold House Medal:  

The house advisers choose only 2 recipients of this award based on leadership, active involvement, consistent participation, dedication, and support during house activities.  The house advisers choose the recipient/s of this award.  

Loyalty Award:  

This is given to a Grade 6 student who has completed all his or her lower school grade levels (Grade 1 to Grade 6) in TQA. 

House Champion: 

This medal is given to a member of the house team that wins the house cup. It is given only when a member joins all the lower school house activities during the school year. 

Quantum Extra & Co-curricular Awards: 

These are awards given to students by winning in official TQA events and competitions.

Non-Quantum Competitions (National and International Events Only): 

These are school-approved non-Quantum-related awards and wins.