Library Rules and Guidelines (Main Library)

  1. Bags and personal things must be left outside. Only the materials needed are allowed inside. 
  2. Food and drinks are prohibited 
  3. Torn, missing, marked, and crumpled pages should be reported to the Librarian. 
  4. Silence and cleanliness should be maintained. 
  5. Reference books are for library use only. 
  6. The library shall impose a daily fine of P10.00/for each book not returned on the date when it is due exclusive of Saturdays and Sundays.  
  7. Lost or damaged books shall be charged accordingly or replaced by the student. Students will be fined for missing, marked, or torn pages in books. 
  8. Pre-school pupils must be under the supervision of their adviser/s when staying in the library. 
  9. Any students who do not follow these guidelines may not be allowed to stay in the library.