Parent Teacher Conference (PTC) / Appointment with Teacher

A request for a Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) may be arranged through MS Teams.  Request for Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) may be arranged through NB#1 or the office during school hours.  

Parents or guardians are not allowed to disturb classes or have “ambush” meetings with the teacher before classes start in the morning, during class hours, and during lunch break. 

The office staff logs all PTC appointments and schedules. The parents must tell the reason for such appointments for documentation purposes. Parents will be notified through text or call when their requested PTC will be held.  

Only the school can record a PTC or meeting on any crucial or sensitive topics or violations against the Student Honor Code or any school policy. Parents are not allowed to have a copy of the recording as it contains personal information about minor students. However, they can watch or listen to it in school if needed.  

PTC with the Class Adviser or School Principal:  

If parents have any complaints about bullying, a child’s class learning, or any academic and non-academic concerns, they may chat or make an appointment with the class adviser or school principal.