Persona Non Grata

To maintain a safe environment for the Quantum community, it is necessary to have in place a mechanism by which individuals who demonstrate an inability or unwillingness to conduct themselves in accordance with the TQA policy or applicable laws may be barred from all or part of the school. This policy outlines the proper procedure and documentation for the issuance and distribution of Persona Non Grata Notifications and their enforcement. After a thorough investigation and if proven guilty as outlined in the Agreement with The Quantum Academy, Inc., an individual may be issued a Persona Non Grata Notification.

The Notification is issued by the school on the following grounds or situations:    

  1. Disruption of school programs, services, or activities.    
  2. Interference with the educational mission of the school.    
  3. Threats or other behaviors that pose a risk to the school community’s safety, security, or reputation.    
  4. Actions and conduct that damage the reputation and integrity of the school.    
  5. Libelous statements and false accusations against the school and its personnel via social/digital media; and    

Serious violation of a specific policy.