Quantum Hymn

Composed by: Teacher Kozet, 1999 

Music by: Teacher Gert, 2001 

Revised by: Quantum House Advisers, 2013 

Our quest for knowledge begins here 

The road to peace and justice so clear 

We are equipped with fertile minds  

Our spirits are filled with truth that binds. 

Azure stands for peace and tranquility. 

Crimson blazes with passion and energy 

Emerald endowed with hope and wisdom 

Gold with its might that leads us to freedom. 


Onward Quantum explorers go 

The path of excellence is aglow 

Onward seekers of truth and right 

Let Quantum be your guiding light. 

We share our works and aspirations 

Integrity and true compassion 

Friendships are built, excellence achieved 

To be cared and cherished forever.