Routinary Procedures

Routinary procedures save quality classroom time. Having well planned and efficient routines makes it easier for students to learn better and achieve more. Routines that are carefully taught, developed, and implemented in the classroom result in meaningful instruction, learning, and discipline. 


All students must help maintain the school’s good image by keeping it clean, sanitary, and beautiful. It is everyone’s responsibility to take diligent care of school property. When requested to clean, students must do their share of work cheerfully and well.   

  1. No littering in and out of the classroom. Use the trash bins properly. 
  1. White boards must be kept clean and free from permanent markings and vandalism. 
  1. Students should refrain from marking/writing on the walls, writing or carving on the furniture, destroying plants and displays or breaking/damaging school property. 
  1. Students must handle school furniture, appliances, and fixtures with utmost care. They should not play with or make fun of them. Breakage or damage by students is charged to them. 
  1. Sputtering ink/paints or writing on walls/curtains must be avoided. 
  1. Bubble/chewing gum is prohibited in school. 
  1. Food and drinks are not allowed in the laboratory, computer room, or library. 
  1. Everyone must help save electricity.