S.I.L.V.E.R Education Program

The Quantum Academy marks its 25th anniversary by creating its post-pandemic education program called SILVER.

SILVER is TQA’s response to the challenges in teaching and learning towards an effective, connected, digitized, globalized, and humanized approach in basic education. SILVER stands for “School Integration of Lifelong-skills and Values Essential to Realizing 21st Century Education”.

SILVER or “Silver Ed.” is anchored on TQA’s Contextualized HyFlex Learning. This means that the teacher accommodates students and meets their learning needs via essential 21st century skills, values, educational technology tools, and learning platforms.

The Silver Ed. is a modern and progressive academic program offered to Quantum students on top of the DepEd-required minimum competencies, standards, and curriculum.

Silver Ed. uses different instructional and learning platforms. It is not limited to face-to-face classes, online classes, standard curriculum, basic contents, etc.