School Clubs

These clubs are created and supervised by the school to provide opportunities for students to discover, develop, or enhance their talents and socio-personal skills based on their interests and abilities. These clubs are anchored on the school’s educational objectives and set of standards. The Student Council coordinates major activities of the school clubs except for Quantum Leap (campus journalism).


As part of the requirements for college admission application, certification, recommendation, and extra and co-curricular activity records, all Grade 7-12 students are encouraged to join and actively participate in at least one school club but not more than three per school year.

1. Student Council                  

This is composed of student leaders elected by the student body to execute community outreach projects and coordinate school club activities (Grades 7-12). The SC aims to develop responsible and outstanding leaders.

Quantum Leap and Student Council do not belong to the clubs. They are part of the school’s special programs and initiatives offered to qualified students or elected members.

Clubs managed by SC:

a. Community Outreach

This club aims to deepen students’ awareness and understanding of the realities of poverty and life’s struggles through exposure and involvement in various activities for the target communities or groups the school chooses.

For SHS, this club is integrated in SHS subjects under the supervision of the respective teachers.

b. Quantum Houses

All students are automatic members of any of the following houses: Azure House, Crimson House, Emerald House, and Gold House. The houses are established to develop talents and to promote social interaction and friendly competition within the school. Siblings are placed in the same house. At the end of the school year, a House Cup is awarded to the house that has garnered the greatest number of points throughout the school year.

2. ICT & Digital Arts

This club aims to gather students sharing the same passion for computers and technology who will be highlighting their projects and innovations during the annual STEM fair.

a. Lower School Digital Arts Club (Grades 5-6)

b. ICT & Digital Arts Society (Grades 7-12) 

3. Quantum Mechanics

This is a group of students who have serious interests in science and mathematics and will be exhibiting science projects, innovations, and inventions during the annual STEM fair.

a. LS Quantum Mechanics (Grades 5-6)

b. JHS Quantum Mechanics (Grades 7-10)

c. SHS Quantum Mechanics (Grades 11-12)

4. Arts & Crafts Clubs

These are clubs created for Grades 5 and 6 pupils who are interested in arts & crafts. Their finest art works are displayed during the school’s annual art exhibit.

5.  Hip-Hop-K-Pop Virtual Club

This is a group of high school pop culture enthusiasts and hip-hop dancers who work together to express their creativity and entertainment through pop talks and hip-hop dancing.

6.  Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap is the school’s official publication and operates under the school’s special programs. This is composed of students who have natural talents in journalistic writing, reporting, speaking, webcasting/broadcasting, and video making/editing. Because this is the school’s official media and publication, the members are required to apply ethical and educational standards and help other students understand the true meaning of freedom of expression and responsible journalism.

a. Quantum Leap (News and Current Affairs Division)

b. Kaleidoscope (Magazine Show Division)

c. Optics (School Publication

7. Club Dissolution:

a. If members are less than 10

b. If the club becomes irrelevant

c. Unavailability of moderators

d. Poor attendance of members during club meetings

8. Causes for Termination of Club Membership:

a. Club inactivity, habitual tardy, or more than 20% absence

b. Violation of the Student Honor Code

c. Non-compliance or no output

d. Deficient performance of duties and responsibilities

e. Lack of active participation or involvement

f. Complaining attitude

g. Poor conduct/persistent misbehavior/lack of discipline

9. Club Officers:

For QL, the editorial staff is selected by the school administration and moderators. Other club officers are elected by members.

10. Official Club Shirts:

Club shirts or attire are not required but may be allowed if approved by the members, moderators, and school director. Club shirts are required to have a visible school logo printed on them.

11. Members’ Privileges:

Outstanding members are recognized for their valuable contribution to the school and the community based on their perseverance, leadership, volunteerism, community service, and project proposals. Active involvement and good attendance are important criteria for this Recognition.

Exemptions will include only the days affected by the club’s activities and will be based on the moderators’ recommendation upon the approval of the school director and the school principal. The student’s compliance, dedication, commitment, time spent working, teamwork, and the quality of work/outputs will be the bases for exemptions. Exemption ratings range from 93 to 99. If a student is qualified for exemption, s/he will decide whether to avail it or not.