School Guards

The school guards must be treated with respect. 

As school security staff, the school guards are entrusted with two extremely important responsibilities: 1) keeping the school grounds safe for students, faculty, staff, parents, and approved visitors and 2) implementing school rules and guidelines. 

While the office staff, teachers, administrators, and other personnel stay busy all day with academic and non-academic routines and activities, the school guards are the proactive eyes and ears on the ground. And although the school’s technology plays a vital role in school security, our dedicated school guards often prevent an incident from occurring in the first place or can help prevent a situation from escalating. 

To make sure that the school guards effectively perform their responsibilities, they are to focus and not be distracted or disturbed by doing tasks or chores not related to their security duties. Specifically, they are not allowed to run errands or leave posts to do favors for students, parents, visitors, or other person.