School Logos (Meaning of the School Logo)

The official logo and the Quantum shield designed by Licas in 2005 replaced the old logo she made in 1998 when the school needed to change its name from Quantum Learning Center, Inc. to its present name The Quantum Academy, Inc. 

Book and Laurel: 

The book stands for knowledge and wisdom. The laurel is a symbol of distinction and serves to remind Quantum students that they will become part of a distinguished well-educated generation. The book and the laurel are Emerald House’s sign. 


The eagle is a symbol for strength, leadership, action, and vision which Quantum graduates need as they pursue higher education and widen horizons to succeed in life. This is Gold House’s symbol. 


The stars pay homage to the institutional principles and ideas of the school. They represent the shared commitment to the institution’s core values which Quantum students need to live by throughout their lives. Azure House is represented by these stars. 


The torch represents the ability of the Quantum graduates to serve as guiding light for others. The flaming torch reflects the light of knowledge to dispel the darkness of ignorance. It symbolizes Quantum’s commitment to academic excellence. The torch is Crimson House’s emblem. 


The Quantum community is surrounded by two circles. The outer circle symbolizes the school’s passion for excellence. The inner circle represents the educational protection the school provides through quality teaching and learning. 


The dots in the logo represent the two teacher-founders’ precise vision of transforming basic education beyond mediocrity. They aim to make the Quantum community realize that everyone should value time and quality in educating children.