School Performance Notice

Midway into each marking period, a school performance notice is sent to parents of those who are failing, near failing or have shown a significant drop in their academic grades, e.g., 90 to 87 or a 3-point drop. The class advisers confer with these students to ascertain probable causes and exhaust every help for the failing student.

If the teacher, after trying his best to communicate with the parents/guardians, still cannot reach them, the teacher will give the failing grade.  

This is sent to parents of those who have behavioral problems, unsatisfactory school and work attitude, poor attendance, or those who are failing in almost any subject. Parents/guardians must come to school for a PTC when they receive this notice through MS Teams, Outlook, or Notebook No. 1/Assignment Notebook.  

This notice/report informs the parents of the following and given once needed:  

  1. Failing quizzes and tests  
  2. Non-compliance with class and academic requirements  
  3. Violation of school rules and disciplinary sanction  
  4. Defiance, disrespect, and lack of motivation in school  
  5. Cheating during test or quiz  
  6. Failing grade/s  
  7. Bullying  
  8. Poor attendance and habitual tardy  
  9. Absenteeism, truancy, behavioral concerns, or infractions  
  10. Other matters affecting the child’s school performance, behavior, or discipline.