School Rules & Regulations in a Nutshell

General Conduct 

  1. All students should uphold the core values of the school. 
  2. All students should be polite, courteous, and well-behaved always. 
  3. All students should greet the teachers and visitors when they see them. 
  4. All students should always be orderly and self-disciplined. 
  5. All students should be punctual with school and all school activities. 
  6. All students should respect school property. 

Flag Ceremony 

  1. All teachers and students who are Filipino citizens must sing the National Anthem, take the Pledge of Allegiance, and recite the Student Honor Code.  
  2. All latecomers, as well as parents/visitors, who are on the school premises, should stand at attention during the singing of the National Anthem. 

School Uniform 

  1. All students must be in their school uniform during classes and on schooldays.  
  2. Only P.E. T-shirts and official club T-shirts bearing the school logo are allowed as extra T-shirts and during activities. 
  3. Plain white T-shirt is the only undershirt allowed for male students.
  4. Only if there is a leg/foot injury, students can wear alternative footwear instead of school shoes. 

Hair & Personal Hygiene 

  1. Hair must always be neat and tidy. 
  2. No fancy hair styling or tinting of hair is allowed for all students. 
  3. Girls’ hair should be neatly tied up or clipped. 
  4. All ribbons, rubber bands and hair clips used should be black, brown, khaki, or peach. 
  5. Boys’ hair should be short, sloped at the sides and rear (standard student cut). 
  6. Boys must be clean-shaven with no facial hair like moustache and beard. 
  7. Nails should be kept short and clean. 

Classroom Conduct 

  1. All students must stand up and greet the teacher when he/she enters or leaves the class. 
  2. Students must be accompanied by a teacher should they remain in the classroom after school hours. 
  3. All fans/air-conditioners and lights must be switched off when leaving the classroom. 
  4. All students must seek permission from the teacher and obtain a leave pass before leaving the class during lessons. 
  5. Students can eat or drink in the classroom only during recess and lunch break. Students are reminded to bring healthy and easy-to-pack snacks to eat during their snack time. 

Recess & Lunch 

  1. All students should queue up in an orderly manner when purchasing food. 
  2. All food and drinks bought at the cafeteria must be consumed within the al fresco lane. 
  3. Used crockery/utensils should be returned to the respective stalls/places. 
  4. All students must finish their food/drinks before the recess/lunch ends. 
  5. All students should help to maintain the cleanliness of the school cafeteria. 
  6. Playing and running in the cafeteria/dining areas are prohibited. 
  7. TQA recommends that students bring their own food and drinks on schooldays.

Personal Belongings 

  1. Students should not bring any valuables to school. 
  2. Any confiscated valuables will be forwarded to the principal and will be returned to the child at an appropriate time. 
  3. Girls may wear plain earrings. Multiple earrings are not allowed. 
  4. Spectacles (if worn) should be plain frame and non-tinted, unless recommended by the physician. 
  5. Students should not bring electronic games, cards, and toys to the school. 
  6. Students should not bring excessive pocket money to school.
  7. Upper school students can bring handphones to school. Prior permission must be sought from the principal and students should use a mobile phone after school.  
  8. All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to  bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others. 

End User IT Security Policy 

Be a responsible user: 
As end-users of the school’s IT equipment, students are responsible for: 

  1. All activities carried out at the computing facilities through their user IDs and passwords. 
  2. Behaving in a morally upright behavior whether online or offline. This means that students must   observe proper etiquette online and offline. Students who violate good etiquette, access offensive material, or use vulgar language when operating IT equipment will face disciplinary action. 
  3. Accessing only websites or apps as instructed by the teacher. 

Handle software with care 

  1. Do not install any illegal, unlicensed, or unauthorized software, including freeware and shareware, on the school devices. 
  2. Do not copy or transfer applications or software, music, movies, and games, unless authorized by a teacher. 
  3. Do not use USB storage devices or portable hard disks for any unauthorized copying or transferring of applications, software, or files. 

Handle hardware with care 

Only teachers or trained IT monitors are allowed to operate the classroom IT equipment e.g., visualizers, projectors, projector screens, control panel, microphones, etc. All other students who damage or mishandle IT/AV equipment will face disciplinary actions or will be responsible for its repair/replacement. 

Use of students’/parents’ photos/videos during schooldays and school events 

Photograph(s) or video image(s) of students and their parents may be captured by the school’s official photographer/videographer during school activities and events such as classroom lessons, breaks and vacant periods, free time, etc. The school may use and publish such photographs and/or video recordings in school publications, website, social media channels and other communication channels. 

Parents, visitors, teachers, staff, and students are not allowed to post, publish, or share photos or videos of others   on the web for personal purposes unless permission is given by them.