Social “Netiquette”

a. Do not give comments or upload pictures/videos that can harm other people and their name. 

b. Do not upload or share pictures/videos of people without their or their parents’ consent or permission. 

c. Do not talk badly about other people or start a fight. 

d. Do not post something that can harm or endanger the lives and rights of other people. 

e. Do not discuss private or personal matters on Facebook or online. 

f. Do not insult people you know and those you do not know. 

g. Do not impersonate someone else or pretend it is you. 

h. Do not post your address or your phone number. 

i. Do not accept offers to “wire money.” 

j. Do not agree to meet people that you do not know. 

k. Do not give personal or private photos to anyone. 

l. Follow school policy on Facebook or social networking. 

m. Children should be allowed to access or utilize any online sites with parental guidance and control for the children’s safety and protection. 

n. Creating group chats intended for Quantum students or Quantum purposes should only have members currently enrolled in Quantum. There should be no inappropriate posts, comments, photos, or uploads in the group chat. 

o. Only the school’s official platforms can create private group chats.