Specific Disciplinary Cases (from DepEd Order No. 88 S. 2018)

Considering the foregoing, the following are the infractions or violations of the learners that may be subjected to interventions and penalties as warranted:  

  1. Cheating/dishonesty  
  2. Stealing  
  3. Assaulting a teacher, or any other school authority or his agents, or other learner/s  
  4. Smoking inside the school premises and bringing tobacco products, vapes, etc.  
  5. Vandalism – writing on or destroying school property like chairs, tables, windows, books, laboratory equipment and others  
  6. Gambling of any sort  
  7. Drinking intoxicants and liquor or entering the school premises under the influence of liquor, or bringing of alcoholic beverages  
  8. Carrying and concealing deadly weapons or instruments  
  9. Extortion or asking money or in kind from others  
  10. Fighting, causing injury to others  
  11. Hazing in any form or manner whether inside or outside the school premises  
  12. Sexual abuse, immorality, illicit relationships  
  13. Instigating, leading, or participating in concerned activities leading to stoppage of classes  
  14. Preventing, threatening learners or faculty members or school authorities from discharging their duties or from attending classes or entering school premises  
  15. Forging or tampering with school records or transfer forms  
  16. Patronizing suspected prostitution den, gambling, and pornographic places  
  17. Bringing, using, and selling of pornographic materials  
  18. Selling stolen goods in school  
  19. Absenteeism, cutting of classes, and tardiness  
  20. Littering (plastic cups, bottles, candy wrappers or any waste) inside the school campus specially inside the classroom and corridors  
  21. Loitering and staying inside or outside the school campus during class hour  
  22. Bringing in and using gadgets like cellular phones, I-pad, PSP, etc. inside the school campus (R.M. No. 207 s 2018) without the school director’s permission.  
  23. Unruly behavior inside the classroom or school premises, during assemblies, school activities, etc.  
  24. Uttering profanities/swearwords inside the school campus  
  25. Going to restricted places  
  26. Tampering of school ID such as placing stickers and other objects on school ID,  
  27. Not giving letter or notices to parents  
  28. Drug dependency or drug use, possession, and sale of prohibited drugs such as marijuana, ecstasy, shabu, etc. (it shall be subject to the Guidelines prescribed by DO 40 s. 2012 entitled Guidelines for the Conduct of Random Drug Testing in Public and Private Secondary Schools, and RA 9165 and its IRR)  
  29. Joining fraternities, sororities, and gangs.  
  30. Other analogous acts that may endanger/threaten any learner, school personnel, or the school.