Sports Competition (Outside TQA)

Like academic and co-curricular competitions, the school joins only TQA selected sports events whose coaches or trainers are TQA teachers, assigned based on their expertise. Sports competitions whose training is beyond the school’s capacity or resources are not required.  

Sports training/competitions handled, requested, or spearheaded by parents, private/personal tutors, or sports centers are not the responsibility of the school. However, the school assists with the procedures on application if the request is given to the office at least one week before the deadline set by the event’s organizing committee.  

Parents who want their kids to join any non-TQA sports event should be responsible for their safety, needs, and coping with missed assignments or requirements. The school allows academic accommodation and flexibility to help and assist the child when s/he reports back to school after the event. 

Upon the availability of funds, the school may assist with the participant’s registration fees when joining sports activities not required or not handled by TQA. 

Due to academic priorities and instructional responsibilities in the classroom, TQA teachers are not allowed to be absent from classes for more than two (2) days because of sports training outside TQA.