Textbooks serve as a guide to the DepEd’s prescribed curriculum and content requirement. They ensure that the topics covered are similar across schools in the country. Textbooks give the school leaders and the teachers some sort of protection and an assurance that productive, holistic learning takes place, and that the government’s minimum academic skills requirements are met.  

In addition to giving them quality coverage assurance, textbooks are powerful tools to transmit knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values to the teacher and student alike. They provide guidelines for teaching and learning. 

Each textbook should be finished three weeks before the fourth quarter examination. Teachers should allot enough time for each chapter to be completed on schedule. 

Teachers must fully utilize the content (lessons, practices, chapter test drills, etc.) of the assigned textbooks. They are advised to resort to other lesson materials only when they have exhausted the textbook content intended for a particular lesson or coverage. 

Despite the inflated cost of the textbooks, parents need to pay for them in full upon distribution. Once distributed, they are no longer refundable.