Unsatisfactory Academic Performance (TQA Definition)

Subject Grade Average: 75-79 

-Does less than what is required  

-Possesses below average vocabulary 

-Does class work when the teacher personally guides or supervises him without other around him 

-Shows carelessness and inferior quality in daily studies, work, and preparation  

-Has limited attention span and focus on the lessons 

-Usually dependent on tutors or adult supervision to finish assignments and schoolwork  

-Restless, inattentive in class 

-Lacks materials often  

-Seldom knows what is happening in school or anything about the lesson when asked  

-Has a tough time retaining even fragments of the general principles taught 

-Is resentful of his required schoolwork and often forced by adults to finish them  

-Comes to school unprepared and not ready for the day’s lessons 

Subject Grade Average: 74 and Below 

Aside from the characteristics of “75-79”, the failing grade is given when the student fails to meet the requirements for reasons such as: refusal/failure to comply after several chances are given, long absence, poor academic performance or improvement, consistent failures in quarterly examinations after every help has been exhausted and given to him.