School Operation During or After the COVID-19 Pandemic

During COVID-19 or any public health emergency, parents and guardians will be notified in a timely manner of any changes to the school environment and schedule that impact their children. Everyone is assured that in all situations, pandemic or not, The Quantum Academy strives hard to maintain excellence in all academic and non-academic aspects. It is our goal to provide Quantum students with the best 21st century learning opportunities possible in preparation for higher education. Parents who do not agree or conform with The Quantum Academy’s academic, non-academic, disciplinary procedures, operation policies, rules, and guidelines should not enroll their child/children in this school. 

As parents, they make the decisions about where to enroll their children based on their own standards and expectations including the school’s academic, non-academic, moral, and disciplinary policies, standards, and procedures. 

Additionally, please note the following:  

  1. The school will continue utilizing MS Teams, Genyo e-Learning, and other edtech tools the school has made available. 
  1. Face-to-face classes, MS Teams classes, and Genyo e-Learning days are regular class days. 
  1. Parents are responsible for their child’s attendance in all classes and required school activities. Class participation and recitation depend entirely on the physical or live attendance of the students.  
  1. Students are subject to discipline for disrupting the learning environment, violating moral and ethical school standards, and breach of the student honor code. 
  1. Respect and courtesy. Every member of the school community is expected to remain respectful to each other. Students and teachers especially are expected to greet each other with kind words and student/teacher exchanges should be friendly, in an appropriate tone, and should remain respectable. 
  1. Most of the student/teacher interaction should be positive. All school personnel and students are expected to use words that show respect for another person at the appropriate times when addressing each other such as: 
‘Please’        ‘Thank you’          'You're welcome’          'Excuse me’         ‘May I help you’ 
‘Yes teacher’          ‘No teacher’           ‘Good morning teacher’       ‘Good afternoon teacher’ 
  1. Students and parents are required to observe all public health and safety measures implemented by the school in conjunction with government requirements and for the safety of everyone in school. 
  1. The school will ensure that educational opportunities are available to all Quantum students via different learning approaches and deliveries. 
  1. For the safety of students, teachers are not allowed to give any assignment or requirement that will make the student leave the house or meet with their classmates without the teacher’s in-person supervision after class hours. 
  1. Contact the school for any concerns regarding the child’s education, school attitude, behavior, health, or safety. 
  1. Parents are to settle financial obligations with the school on time.