The Importance of School Rules and Regulations: TQA Student Handbook

A school is formed because an important goal needs to be reached. For The Quantum Academy, it is to provide quality basic education that will prepare the children for higher education and develop important skills and values that will help and guide them throughout their life. For this goal to be reached, there must be a set of rules, regulations, and policies to be followed.

These policies allow the school to follow a path that will lead them to their goal. And thus, in areas where children or minors are involved, strict implementation of rules and regulations must be executed to achieve important goals:  

  1. To establish standards in school 
  1. To provide safety and security for students and teachers 
  1. To provide accountability on the administration, teachers, parents, and students  

The importance of school rules and regulations must always be discussed and given attention in school and at home, which places the students’ best interest in mind. And that is to provide quality education in an orderly, productive, meaningful, and safe environment for them to learn and develop into responsible and law-abiding adults.